Player Registration: July Camp at Basis Chandler Primary North - Monday, 07/08/2019 at 08:30AM
Number of Registrations: 25
* Rating information is for reference only. Tournament pairing will be based on the offical USCF Ratings Database.
Group By:    None    School   
First Name Last Name School   USCF ID USCF Exp Reg Rating Quick Rating
Maks Ariza   16577837 01/31/2020 684 678
Lauren Ariza  
Spencer Chua  
Caitlyn Chua  
Chukwuma Chukwurah   15755681 06/30/2021 602 601
Chukwunweike Chukwurah   15600237 06/30/2021 730 730
Piper De Marr  
Radha Damania  
Thatcher De Marr  
Ryland De Marr  
Jordan Harvey  
Jerrick Hu  
Joanna Hu  
Sebastian King  
Aaroosh Kurchania  
Colton Ress  
Achyuth Thumatty  
Kylie Tokeshi   15066157 1012 987
Sophia Wu  
Isabella Wu  
Alexander Zoqhbi   16764094 08/31/2019 101 101
Anthony Zoqhbi   16764108 08/31/2019 171 171
Renee Zou  
Rachel Zou  
Shengzhao Nie  
Number of Players in Section: 25